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Daniel Pfister

Cell: 530-574-3684

7 Responses to “Contact Info”

  1. eric nomburg Says:

    Hello Daniel,

    It’s been a long while. Just thought I’d say “hey.” We’re all getting ready, next week, for the arrival of LDX. He’ll be teaching us (hopefully) the conclusion of the Chen Pan Ling form, chi gung, ba gua and lots of hsing i. Anyway, I’m happy to see that you’re still at it. Great blog, by the way.


    • Daniel Pfister Says:

      Good to hear from you Eric!

      Thanks for checking in and checking out my blog. Have fun with the Xing yi. I recently started practicing Xin yi (heart-mind, not Xing yi or form-mind). Supposedly they have the same roots, but have vastly different training exercises.

      Take Care

  2. Ketil Hviding Says:

    Thanks for the link to this web site. It is absolutely outstanding. I got it tonight at the open push hand training in Takoma Park.

  3. Daniel Pfister Says:

    Hi Ketil,

    Were you at the Liz Lerman Dance Exchange in Takoma last night? More importantly, have we met? Your name sounds familiar.

    Anyway, you’re welcome to come by when you have time. We’re going to meet tonight at Liz Lerman’s again at 6pm.

    Glad you like the site,


  4. peter Says:

    hi i,m just tai chi man from down under new Zealand who is trying to connect hands around the world if u get this mail … let me know p;

  5. Sweet Ch'i Press Says:

    Dear friends,
    Sweet Ch’i Press has just published a translation and study of Zheng Manqing’s Insights on Women’s Medicine (Nuke xinfa) by Prof. Douglas Wile. Zheng, of course, is best known in the West as a taijiquan master and in China as a painter, but throughout most of his life he earned his living as a traditional doctor and wrote three books on medicine. Readers familiar with Zheng’s Thirteen Chapters will be aware of how important traditional medicine was to his understanding of taijiquan. Prof. Wile’s introduction highlights Zheng’s unified vision of the Chinese traditional arts, his political battles to secure their survival in modernizing China, and his mission to propagate them to the West.

    For price and availability contact:

    Sweet Ch’i Press
    P.O.Box 11738
    Shorewood, WI 53211
    Phone/fax (414) 967-5937

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