About This Blog

This Blog’s name is a quote from my teacher, Liu Hsi-heng. I place no punctuation between the words to emphasize that they are three distinct parts of one movement. To “yield turn push” is to transform an attack into the perfect counter-attack. The idea is based on the Taoist principle of changing softness into strength. When practiced, it works surprisingly well as a martial art.
I do charge for classes, but I will answer anyone’s question about this style of Tai Chi on the blog for free.  I am not afraid of free-riders because I know how difficult many of the concepts discussed here are to learn even when the teacher has hands-on access to the student.  As a teacher of mine maintained, there are some ideas which can be writen down, and some which can only be dicussed, yet there are still others which must be felt in order to be understood.

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